Fever Ray’s Halloween Resident Advisor Podcast

Fever Ray, whether she intended to or not has produced a truly haunting and alluringly stylistic mix of dark, ghostly atmospheric overtones and disturbing vocals that almost seems like a nightly necessity in my house. Which is why I was not surprised when Resident Advisor asked her to compile a playlist in advance of Halloween. “I think the eclectic and wide range of music makes it more dynamic and more intense. The tracks affects each other, they get even more mean.”
The mix is truly awesome and is available free to members. Registration is free, so Do IT!!!
Resident Advisor Podcast # 178

Playlist is as follows:

Neil Young – Guitar Solo 1
Yo La Tengo – Everyday
Journey To Ixtlan – Corpse On The Mesa
Jad & David Fair – Nosferatu
Zola Jesus – Devil Take You
Bruce Haack – Mean Old Devil
Krause – Duo Canopolis
Burial Hex – Will To Chapel
Suicide – Ghost Rider
Amadou & Miriam – Ja Pense À Toi
Shackleton – Death Is Not Final
Entombed – Night Of The Vampire
Maddalena Fagandini – Interval Signals
Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles – Chant Avec Cithare


~ by mythrus on October 29, 2009.

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