GDI 09 + Four Tet

While searching for some inspiration I came across this nifty website demonstrating the work of Brighton University’s Design and Illustration 2009 Graduates. Some of it I’m a huge fan of and some of it not so much, Nonetheless I found a lot of the artwork really refreshing. Looking at some of these I honestly wish I would have taken my college education a bit more seriously, and in retrospect wish I had chosen a degree plan that was more to my personal liking rather than choosing to treat this time in my life as a sort of breezeway initiation to growing up.
On a lighter note there is some great work to be seen here, I think Brighton’s institution-sponsored online portfolio type thing is a great way for some of these artists to benefit from the buzz it’s creating. Posted some of my personal favorites above, and what better way to check out great UK art than by doing it while listening to great UK music. I leave you with this recently leaked Four Tet track entitled “Love Cry”.


~ by mythrus on November 18, 2009.

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