Future Is Never?

The above photos are artists renditions presented to NASA in 1975 by Stanford Univeristy of the Stanford Torus. The torus concept was created for the purpose of introducing future space colonies that would exist in the livable areas, or Lagrange points, surrounding Earth. The torus or donut shaped ring, would be 1.8 km in diameter for a human habitat that would rotate once per minute to provide between 1.0g of artificial gravity on the inside of the torus through centrifugal force. The torus would also provide agricultural support as well as housing for up to 10,000 people. This was 1975, while this may seem as a short time ago, to me it seems like a sort of anomaly of thought in recent history. During that time ideas like the torus that aimed to provide a framework for the not so distant future were becoming widely accepted in mainstream academic circles and NASA personally petitioned artists to create the images you see above. So my question is … what happened? It’s not difficult to imagine an average person seeing these images in the late 70’s and thinking to themselves how fantastical the whole idea is, then fast forwarding to today’s average person and realizing that we haven’t come a very long way. The idea still seems not necessarily within arms reach. I assume priorities at NASA changed and for whatever reason projects that might have lead to this type of advancement were pushed aside and forgotten. But not for a lack of resources. The United States Military seems to have channeled NASA’s fervor for advancement in recent year but this likely wasn’t on NASA’s own accord. The reality is priorities have changed. NASA’s newest satellites have been falling out of the sky, literally. Therefore ideas like the Torus will never come to be. Blogs like Paleofuture have tapped into this non-existent future by chronicling past predictions about futuristic technology dating back to the 1890’s. Most of these predictions did come true in one sense or another but some are as far-fetched as the torus in the video below.

~ by mythrus on May 16, 2011.

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  1. […] defined by the singular form of a torus. You can find an incredible video about the Stanford Torus here and an article […]

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