William Eggleston

When I first encountered William Eggleston’s work I thought I was looking at a collection of someone’s personal Instagram shots, the types of film and coloring used in his photos is very reminiscent of the different filter settings provided on Instagram’s application interface. But Eggleston’s aesthetic was coined long before the advent of photography based social mediums and he is personally credited for color photography’s recognition as an artistic medium worthy of displaying in art galleries. Perhaps most sought after for his connection to popular culture, Eggleston was part of Andy Worhol’s Factory Circle and his photos have doubled as covers for rock albums, more notably for groups like Vampire Weekend, Spoon, Jimmy Eat World, Big Star and various Primal Scream releases. It was while teaching at Harvard that Eggleston discovered dye-transfer printing which yielded some of his most striking work, such as Red Ceiling which was used as the cover for Big Star’s 1974 album Radio City. See his full body of work here.


~ by mythrus on July 25, 2011.

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