Ments – Jordi Pages

Jordi Pages has done several projects, mostly having to do with 3D projection mapping. Check out his portfolio here


~ by mythrus on August 2, 2012.

2 Responses to “Ments – Jordi Pages”

  1. WOW simply put awsome. in the late 1950’s My mothr was the Pharmacist at the Royal Earlswood Insane asulum : I often visites the inmates your Graphics took me back to those days as a boy and could vision the inmates there as they were the last of the Medical misfits of society . Simple Blobs of Flesh that shifted as they movedfc or Animal human hybrides Gruesome untill you embraces the one heart wrenching realityu they al simply wasted LOVE and this they were hidden from suffering was on the shifting faces Well done 3 D AWSOME the imagry was the same as I was used to at that asylum You want more inspiration Email me !!!!


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